As a technologist I am constantly experimenting with new tools, applications, and workflows so that I can optimize both my time and productivity. I enjoy this part of my “job” immensely.

Web Tools:

This blog is currently hosted on Squidix after previously being hosted on Webfaction. I still highly recommend WebFaction if you are consistently involved in web development as part of your normal day job, but I simply found I needed something more intuitive for my workload.

I use a self-hosted version of WordPress. Plugins that I use are Disable Comments, WP Super Cache, and Yoast SEO. Between demands on the host and ease of overall security maintenance, it is wise to limit the number of plugins to a minimum.

I currently use the current WordPress Default theme Twenty Seventeen, based on the excellent suggestion and reasoning of John Saddington.

I’m a fan of Google Apps for productivity and email,  Inoreader for not just RSS reading and archiving but also for following social media accounts in a single searchable interface. Pinboard rocks for bookmarks.

I was one of the first hundred or so people to adopt Twitter in my home town, and legitimately believed that social media was a life altering experiment in building global community. After the initial euphoria wore off and the advertisers moved in, I have become much more skeptical of social media in general but you can still find me on Twitter and Facebook if you want to send me a DM.