The photo is a a selection from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, To Edward Carrington Paris, on Jan. 16, 1787

No matter if you are on the left or right, I would suggest that we the people of the USA are responsible for the government we have. Will we change our ways, about not caring what goes on in government or even complaining about a government policy but failing to get involved whenever possible? All this stuff happens off of Facebook folks. Protests are not the answer Facebook rants are not the answer.

Rather staying informed, asking for and showing up at town hall meetings, participating in local government, and especially voting in every single election where you have a right to vote. There are things we will disagree on and should have discussions about but let’s seek common ground wherever possible.

Return to the Ranch

Towards the end of May, I had the chance to sit down with my old bosses at Ranch and Home and ask for my previous job. Thankfully after some deliberation they accepted. After six months at Amazon I have learned a lot. Of all the Fortune 500 companies that I could work for, I am happy I got the chance to work for Amazon. Their drive to constantly improve is legendary, and having seen it from the inside its actually true. I was amazed and impressed as to how much trust and authority they give to their customer service associates with the expectation that they will solve the customers problem at all costs, even to the company.

The comparison to Ranch and Home though was stark, with no fault to either company. I realized that for me, I enjoy working in smaller companies where its actually possible to talk to the owner and get a decision made right then and there. Its an amazing feeling to know that you are working for one of the leading members of your own hometown and knowing that you will be respected and appreciated for the individual contribution one makes to the company, even if its only a wink, smile, and a firm handshake.

Of note, we also bought a newer used car. Its a 2002 Ford Taurus in mostly good shape with right around 100,000 miles. The body is in good shape, and we are working on getting some necessary repairs done.